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Monday, December 6, 2010 

Issa blasts tax increase, votes to increase taxes


Darrell Issa confused everyone, including himself it seems, as the House finished this round of votes on tax cuts. Issa took to Twitter to ask "Why would anyone vote to raises (sic) taxes right now?" Issa should be able to answer his own question though, since on the same day he voted to raise taxes on the first $250,000 of everyone's income.
This is familiar hypocritical territory for Issa, and a non-sensical theme to get used to. The calls from the GOP about cutting costs and from his own mouth about major cuts to federal agencies, the importance of pay freezes, and the need for austerity have been hard to miss.
But at the same time, Darrell Issa has planned to double the number of hearings held by the Oversight Committee, with all the additional attendant costs. And while he complains about a lack of performance at various federal agencies, he's laying the groundwork to keep their personnel busy with information and subpoena requests instead of performing their jobs.
But in the meantime, he's voted against tax cuts and accused others of raising taxes. It's really all he has.


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