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Friday, August 26, 2011 

Darrell Issa’s personal Goldman rep arranged Elizabeth Warren perjury showdown


~ There are more and more wrinkles in the troubling saga of the former Goldman Sachs VP hired by Issa to protect Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms from accountability on the Hill. It now looks as though he was also personally responsible for the scheduling disagreement between Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Patrick McHenry that quickly mushroomed into a debacle of McHenry twice accusing Warren of perjury.
Goldman Sachs has dropped millions on lobbying Congress and now it looks like they've gotten themselves a mole as well, courtesy of Darrell Issa. Issa and McHenry, of course, have themselves been the beneficiaries of generous campaign donations from giant financial firms throughout their careers.
~ While on that subject, the Goldman exec in question claimed last week that he had change his name to honor his family's Transylvanian heritage. Submitted with nothing but amazement, it appears that heritage is about service to an Hungarian fascit military dictator who was an early ally of Hitler's regime in Germany. So... there's that.
~ Some credit where it's due -- Issa has been ahead of the curve on government giving up. Back in January, he proposed not just ending the HAMP program designed to help struggling homeowners, but replacing it with nothing. His plan was to just spend the money instead on... well... nothing. Now it looks like $30 billion originally earmarked for foreclosure relief will be spent on nothing, because congressional Republicans aren't interested in rerouting the money.
~ New numbers show that in the last few years, private companies have seen record profits per employee, indicating that these businesses can but are not hiring. The profit rate has spiked 12% during the same period that Darrell Issa and others have continued insisting that supply-side economic policies of giving more money to private companies would spur job growth. 
~ It isn't just looking like Issa's trying to steer morning to the wrong side of the economic equation. The National Association for Business Economics reports this week that an overwhelming majority of its members find the current business regulatory climate to be "'good' for American businesses and the overall economy." That flies in the face of Issa's entire raison d'etre over 8 months at the helm of Oversight, during which he's constantly pressed to relieve what he considers to be the regulatory burden facing businesses. NABE also knocked down the notion of economic uncertainty as a convenient stand-in for a range of other issues, contradicting the multi-millionaire corporate CEO (who's spent hundreds of thousands to elect Republicans) who Issa's been using recently as a spokesperson for small businesses. It's unclear if that's because Issa couldn't find a small business owner who agreed with him, or simply prefered a rich, corporate political ally.
~ In another clash, Issa was on Twitter trumpeting the economic insights of actor Rob Lowe, who has also heard some concern about 'uncertainty.' Issa was so impressed that he loaded the brief clip onto the Oversight Committee's YouTube channel (which is taxpayer-funded). It came a week after Warren Buffett begged the government to stop coddling the super rich and tax them already, setting up an interesting collision of perspectives. Issa has, of course, been a staunch supporter of the Bush tax breaks for the super-rich, also known as tax breaks for Issa personally. Issa gets extra satisfaction from those tax breaks because, breaking with Congressional precedent, he still maintains direct control over his near-half-billion-dollar empire instead of keeping it in a blind trust.


Reader Discussion

I don’t see the relevance of this routine from the most racist, lobbyist prone congressman and I use this word as a respect to the institution than out of respect for this dwarf Hitler and purchased liar.
Count Dracula hated garlic, the cross, the silver bullet and his re-action to Ms Elizabeth Warren comes as a possible coup det’etat for him and his lobbyists and KKK crowd.  Heck, if I were this racist, this corrupt, this coward, I would also go after Ms Warren as Katrina after New Orleans.  He is just in auto-pilot self-conservation and nothing more.  The question is:  How can people in his district vote for such despicable character?  Well, it has to do with racism or masochism;p whichever, they should exiled to Germany, I’m sure they know how to handle these ideologue zombies.

at 9:00 am on Sat, Aug 27, 2011Posted by Emile Zola

He changed his name to Haller to honor his mother’s father who was killed by the Fascists trying to keep children from being conscripted.
It damages your credibility when you are inaccurate.

at 9:09 am on Sat, Aug 27, 2011Posted by Barri Clark

In another time, crooks and liars like this would have been slaughtered, quartered and hung as the criminals they really are.  Crimes against the people were not tolerated as it is now under our government “of the CORPORATIONS, BY the corporations and FOR THE CORPORATIONS.”

at 10:17 am on Sat, Aug 27, 2011Posted by Cheryl

Issa is a Crook. He stole Cars and sold Drugs to make His Money to support His First Run for Elected Office. he is continuing in the “Tony Montana"Scarface Style of politic’s. He figures if He cant Silence His opponet’s, He will sabatoge by ANY mean’s necessary, regardless of the Lawlessness of His Action’s.


at 10:37 am on Sat, Aug 27, 2011Posted by Kory McFarland

As fellow criminals, Issa has no decency.

at 1:41 pm on Sat, Aug 27, 2011Posted by Rae

Three words come to mind…

Randy. Duke. Cunningham.

‘nuff said… he’ll get he deserves.

at 7:30 pm on Sat, Aug 27, 2011Posted by embarrassed Issa "constituent"

Darrell Issa and others have continued insisting that supply-side economic policies of giving more money to private companies would spur job growth. electronic cigarette review

at 7:46 am on Mon, Aug 29, 2011Posted by aai

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