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Thursday, December 2, 2010 

Issa and House GOP gear up Climate Science takedown


When Darrell Issa released a partial target list in September, the "Polarization of Science" (is that a pun? tone-deaf irony?) surrounding climate change was prominently featured. So as he continues revving up for his unprecedented volume of hearings, he's getting the stage set for an all-out war on the viability of addressing climate change.
He's already floated the idea that the federal government may "need" to eliminate agencies, and news comes this week that the incoming Republican majority in the House will eliminate the Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. With unexpected candor, senior House Republican Doc Hastings explained “It’s probably a valuable political tool for the Democrats, but not for us.” In other words, the political priority for the income Republican majority is to kill any serious attention on climate issues, and this is a quick and easy way to help that plan along.
It won't be ignored entirely though, as Darrell Issa will be putting the very notion of climate change on trial- and the gears have been in motion for a while. From well before the election, Issa and other House Republicans have been gearing up for wide ranging investigations into everything from the BP oil spill to ARRA signage to the very existence of climate change driven by human activity.
As House Republicans compete to out-tea party each other, an increasingly horrifying range of possible targets have come up. Joe Barton wants to examine over-regulation of "hazardous air pollution from oil refineries, chemical factories, or mining operations as well as hospital incinerators that dispose of medical and infectious waste.
[He] also asks the EPA to re-visit regulations governing the use of leaded aviation fuels, or airborne mercury pollution."
In short, it's going to be a full frontal assault on basic science and the fundamental notion of protecting the environment on any level. They want to take the next two years to defeat climate science permanently. And Darrell Issa will be on the front line, investigating "Climategate" and any other abuses he can think up.


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