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Thursday, March 3, 2011 

Bardella replaced, Issa back to work

Light week with Congress returning from break and Issa doing damage control on the firing of a top aide. But even during light weeks, things keep humming..


~ Issa has moved quickly to get past the Bardella firing, bringing on former Daily Caller spox Becca Glover Watkins as his replacement. Interesting to note that Bardella had a particularly cozy relationship with the Daily Caller before his ouster, and it has served as one of the most reliable soft-landing spots for Issa quotes and spin.
~ Issa himself got back in the game today in traditional form. After three days of criticism for documented conflicts of interest throughout his staff, today Issa got back in the headlines chasing conflicts of interest at the SEC.
~ Apparently Issa is also frustrated by lack of extra-legal efforts by President Obama's IP czar to curb online piracy. Issa is interested in finding a way to legally require credit card companies to become federal deputies tasked with policing and enforcing copyright law.
~ Speaking of online piracy, in case you missed it we've drawn the ire of the San Diego Republican Party. The hits began on Sunday and have continued throughout the week.


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